Desi and Lucy’s Adventures

Desi & Lucy’s Adventures at KAMP Happy Tails makes service learning fun, meaningful, and most important, memorable. Any adult or child who reads this book will delight in the adorable adventures and clever illustrations. 

The topics covered in this book are part of EWF’s KAMP®  {Kids’ Animals & Manners Program} curriculum and incorporates our Furry Reading Buddies™ program, a unique program that links social emotional learning (SEL) and humane education.

Pets make us happy, provide comfort and give us hope, not to mention unconditional love. Research shows us that human-animal interactions create better-focused, more social students. Just the presence of a pet— in the form of a book, photo, toy or video— leads to laughter, conversation, and overall excitement. To reinforce student learning, we are proud to introduce our “furry reading buddies” program with the launch of this book.